Independent Distributor Opportunities
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Your Opportunity

NewPoint Media Group offers a variety of publishing opportunities across a broad spectrum of Real Estate Brands, including The Real Estate Book, Mature Living Choices, Senior Living Choices, New Home Finder, and more!  Through our locally targeted magazines, top-rated websites, and mobile marketing tools, we help thousands of real estate professionals reach buyers and sellers and sell more homes.

As a result, NewPoint Media Group provides an Independent Distributor with a turnkey system that incorporates product & market development, national marketing, and the most recognized brands in real estate advertising. All of this allows a dedicated individual to launch a new magazine with the knowledge that they control the success of their business.

Independent Distributors are sales motivated, customer focused individuals who run the business locally in the market place. This business opportunity is dependent on establishing relationships with the local real estate community. Independent Distributors immerse themselves in their respective Chambers of Commerce and local Boards of Realtors and become the face of the publication.

How it works...

Independent Distributors secure the distribution points, sell the advertising, submit the ads via a web-based program, and distribute the completed product every 4 weeks. In addition, they operate the business in their respective market place and handle their own collections.

NewPoint Media Group’s independent publishing opportunities are not franchises. Consequently, a significant investment of capital is not required to become an Independent Distributor. There is no charge for the initial training and ongoing support Independent Distributors receive from NewPoint Media Group, LLC.

Getting started...

A $5,000 deposit, which is applied toward your first invoice, is required to cover a portion of your estimated start-up costs of your first book. This includes printing, distribution racks, and other support materials made available to help you market your book. At the execution of an Independent Distributor agreement, a $7,500 refundable performance bond is payable except where prohibited by state law. This money is deposited into an interest-earning account and is refunded to you, with interest , upon compliance with pre-determined performance standards.

In addition to the start up costs, we do have working capital requirements as well.