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Independent Distributor Opportunities
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Is an Independent Distributorship a franchise?

What are the general requirements of prospective Independent Distributors?

What are the financial requirements to be considered as an Independent Distributor?

What markets are available?

Can I distribute more than one publication?

How do I apply to become an Independent Distributor?

How long does the application and review process take?

How long is the term of the Independent Distributor Agreement?

Can I become an Independent Distributor on a part time basis?

How does an Independent Distributor make their money?

If there are no royalties or franchise fees, how does NewPoint Media Group make their money?

How much money can I expect to make as an Independent Distributor?

Does NewPoint Media Group offer financing?

Do I need an office?

How long is the training session? Is there a cost for training?

What other support will I receive initially?

How much ongoing support will I receive?